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About Us

A little history about Scott Carpet Cleaning Company.

The company is currently owned and operated by Katherine and Matthew Jordan. Katherine’s uncle, George Doyle, was in the Air Force when he returned home to Massachusetts and became an iron worker with Local #7 out of Boston.  He was traveling to build sky scrapers in Boston and spent 30 years as a steel worker. Because he and his wife wanted to spend more time with their family, they decided to borrow $2,000 to start the carpet cleaning business in 1974 as J & S Carpet Cleaning after his two children, Jennifer and Scott. George worked two jobs for many years trying to make a good living for the family. His wife, Roberta Doyle, worked on the job with him as well as the office work. The kids helped hand out flyers after school and on weekends.  George felt it was safer for the clients and his business to always hire family to assist him on jobs and do the work when he was away. 

Matthew Jordan, who was Katherine’s boyfriend, was introduced to George. George and Matt hit it off right away. Matt started working for George during the off season when he wasn’t lobstering or landscaping in Maine. He continued to work with George, now as just Scott Carpet Cleaning, for 20 years learning the business and the trade. Then in 2013 George passed away suddenly. Since George’s son and daughter had their own careers’ he had always wanted Matthew to take over the business.

Like George and Roberta, Katherine and Matt operate the business as a husband and wife team. They also continue to work from Southern Maine to Northern Massachusetts. Matt and Katherine live in Durham, Maine and have two children, Ashton and Jacob. Their goal is to be the family-owned local neighborhood business. They will continue to provide professional outstanding cleaning services.


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